The Cloud Computing concept is gaining broad-based acceptance among organizations of every size across nearly every industry. In order to build on this momentum, leading Cloud vendors must enlist a broader set of channel partners to enhance their solutions and customize their capabilities to address the unique requirements of specific geographic and vertical market segments.

However, considerable confusion and tension exists today about the channel opportunities in the Cloud Computing market due to the direct sales and support model which has been employed primarily to gain initial success. Concerns about account control, revenue sharing and long-term profitability are causing channel conflicts which must be resolved in order to continue to expand the Cloud Computing market.

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Conference Goals

  • Foster greater communication about the channel opportunities in the Cloud Computing market.
  • Give major Cloud vendors a venue where they can demonstrate that they are channel-friendly and discuss the business benefits of their channel programs.
  • Give channel companies an opportunity to learn about industry best practices and the channel programs being offered by the leading cloud vendors so they can capitalize on these new market opportunities.
  • And, provide an important networking opportunity for corporate executives and channel managers to interact and learn about what’s working and not in the rapidly evolving Cloud marketplace.

Potential Speakers/Sponsors

Major SaaS, PaaS and IaaS vendors, and their key partners seeking to expand their channels to market and build successful partnerships in the Cloud.

Target Audience

Key channel and business development executives from major Cloud vendors, VARs, ISVs, SIs, hosting companies, and other service providers.

Key Topics

  • Winning channel programs – what’s working and what’s not?
  • How to build and leverage a cloud ecosystem?
  • Understanding Cloud vendor/channel partner roles and relationships
  • What are the economics of a winning Cloud partnership?
  • Who owns the customer? How to build collaborative sales and support models?
  • Channel/partner success stories

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