Channeling New Cloud Opportunities

Channel companies must accept that the cloud fundamentally disrupts their traditional business models. They must recognize that meeting their customers’ rising expectations requires transforming their go-to-market strategies and services. It changes the skills required, the sales tactics, the value propositions and service delivery methodologies.

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Channel Opportunities in the Cloud Crystalizing | Sandhill

A year ago, the participants of the inaugural Summit spent much of the day discussing whether there was a role for the channel in the cloud and how to get channel companies engaged in the rapidly evolving cloud marketplace. This year’s Summit attracted an impressive array of senior executives from major distributors, resellers, managed services providers (MSPs) and other IT services companies such as Tech Data, Ingram-Micro, Insight, Avnet, Cloud Sherpas, All Covered, Spiceworks and Centerbeam.

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Opening and Closing The Cloud Channel Summit

Cloud Channel Summit Highlights on Vimeo.

Jeff Kaplan outlines the key objectives of the Cloud Channel Summit.

Jeff Kaplan sums up the key takeaways from the Cloud Channel Summit.

The Cloud Channel Summit Video Interviews

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The latest on the Cloud

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Finding New Channel Opportunities in the Cloud

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Channels Ascending From Disintermediation to
Cloud Industry Darlings

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Partnering for Cloud Success

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Channel Alliances Key to Cloud Computing Success

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Reinventing Channels in the Cloud

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Cloud Musings by Kevin L. Jackson

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Rhianna Collier of SIIA and Jeff Kaplan Trade Perspectives on Cloud Channels at Dreamforce


Cloud Channel Summit Sees Positive Role for Channel In The Cloud

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Under the Radar Says the Cloud Channel Summit Will Be a ‘Great Conference’

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IT Channel Planet Reports on Summit

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Channel Happy Hour Podcast

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IT Channel Firms See Strong Revenue Growth from Cloud Computing, CompTIA Study Reveals

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The Cloud Solution Provider of the Future

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Dream Simplicity Video:
Matt catches up with Jeff Kaplan at Dreamforce 2011 to discuss the Cloud Channel Summit


The Cloud Channel Manifesto:
Why Cloud Vendors and Channel Companies Must Build Stronger Strategic Alliances to Capitalize on Today’s Rapidly Expanding Market Opportunities

An Independent Analysis by THINKstrategies, Inc.

One of the biggest misconceptions in the Cloud Computing market is that today’s new web-based services will ‘disintermediate’ the channel because of their simpler, more user-friendly solutions, and direct sales and delivery business models.

While there is no question that the role of the traditional channel will be significantly impacted by the rapidly evolving Cloud market, we firmly believes there is still plenty of room for innovative channel organizations to operate. There are also plenty of opportunities for new types of channel partners to emerge and succeed in the Cloud.

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Dreamforce Takeaway: It’s All About Cloud Channel Strategies

By Jeffrey M. Kaplan, E-Commerce Times

One of the most intriguing alliances established by has been its partnership with Dell, and at Dreamforce this year that partnership blossomed into new opportunities. Salesforce’s and Dell’s channel-related announcements indicate they recognize that building new channel models for success is essential for the continued growth of the cloud market. Read more.


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